AU Meme: Sam and Dean openly act like a couple in public.

“No one knows we’re brothers, dude. Stop thinkin’ with your upstairs brain and have a little fun.”

“You’re not gonna let me die in peace, are ya?” 

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so i giffed this when i was barely awake and i just thought, “i really love it when sam saves people.”  i should have just giffed swan song, considering he saved the whole world.  but i felt for that poor maid.  

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Dean & Lisa
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30 Days of SPN Women: Favorite human character [1/2]

"If there’s some rule that says this all has to be either/or, how about we break it?"

30 Days of SPN Women: Favorite one-off character [6/6]

"We start over. We’re used to it. It’s the way it’s always been, for all of us."

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gif meme: supernatural + light